About Us

CareerCross Asia is the new global product of C.C. Consulting.

C.C. Consulting K.K. and its flagship website ’CareerCross’ were founded in 2000 and are now firmly established as leaders in online recruitment for bilingual professionals in Japan.

CareerCross Asia’s aim is to be the first stop for employers searching for the right multilingual candidate, and job seekers looking for the right multilingual job. By combining the power of the online 'job board' with pro-active marketing, global advertising, social networking and top-level service, we endeavor to deliver a highly targeted and economical web-based recruiting solution, for companies seeking candidates with language skills as well as professional qualifications.

By basing our business strategies on our own experiences and through listening to the comments of both employers and job seekers, we have tried to keep the site as user friendly as possible, while ensuring that the technology provides a precise and efficient way to utilize the functions available.

For our candidates we offer a fully multilingual platform; a site designed in the knowledge that job seekers, both active and passive, are always 'King of the Castle'. CareerCross Asia strives to be the number one network for multilingual job search, career advice and community based support by offering the most intuitive, cutting edge and ergonomic site in the marketplace. 

We are proud of the results we have achieved so far as a group, however we are constantly updating and improving our site as we strive to increase our effectiveness and offer an even better level of service. If CareerCross Asia can improve any aspect of its service, then please do let us know. 

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