Rules and Regulations

A. About CareerCross Asia

  1. CareerCross Asia is a web site providing recruiting support for HR personnel and job seekers (hereinafter referred to as “this service”).
  2. Members are assumed to use this service using their own discretion and responsibility.

B. Prohibited Conduct

Any person who uses CareerCross Asia shall not perform the following acts:

  1. Deliberately registering and supplying false information,
  2. Violating intellectual property rights, copyrights, listing false information, etc.,
  3. Defamation of specific persons or groups,
  4. Offending public order, morals, or decree such as laws, government ordinance, official directives or any action which can cause offence.
  5. Distributing information on or via the CareerCross Asia website for commercial purposes, or
  6. Any act that interrupts the operation, or damages the credibility of CareerCross Asia.
  7. For people who use, at the time of applying for CareerCross Asia services, or at any point in the future, they must declare that they do not and will not fall under the following categories. In the event that any person who uses CareerCross Asia is in violation of the representation of the following points, any person who uses CareerCross Asia accepts, without any objection or reservation, that CareerCross Asia will terminate all of their CareerCross Asia services under this agreement without prior notice.
    1. Any anti-social force (including but not limited to an organized crime group/syndicate which has been terminated within the immediately preceding 5 years, a quasi-member of an organized crime group/syndicate, a related company or association of an organized crime group/syndicate, a corporate racketeer, those forces claiming to be social movements, special intellectual violent organizations or other equivalent person of any category above).
    2. A person engaged in a socially condemnable relationship with any anti-social forces.

C. Exemption

CareerCross Asia and its operator, C.C. Consulting, (hereinafter referred to as “the operator”) shall not be held responsible for the accuracy or discrepancy of information provided by registrants to CareerCross Asia, and shall be used at the users’ discretion. The operator shall not assume any responsibility for damages incurred from the use of CareerCross Asia unless those loss or damages are caused directly by CareerCross Asia itself. Any users are assumed to take responsibilities for information listed on the website (including information that links from CareerCross Asia), which they have posted themselves. Neither CareerCross Asia nor the operator shall be held responsible for damages or harm occurred by prohibited acts described above article B.

D. Inevitability

Users agree that we may suspend the operation of CareerCross Asia without prior notice in the following situations:

  1. Maintenance of CareerCross Asia servers, upgrade of CareerCross Asia specifications, and repair of its systems.
  2. In the event of a natural disaster or other emergency situation. Also in the situation that the operation of CareerCross Asia becomes difficult or impossible due to revision and formation of laws and ordinances.
  3. If we decide that a temporary stoppage of the service is necessary for the operation of CareerCross Asia due to an unforeseen reason.

We assume no responsibility for any delay of information or updates from the CareerCross Asia service which occur as a result of any temporary suspension of the CareerCross Asia service as outlined above.

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