Cover Letter Guide


A cover letter will be your first impression when a company processes your application. You should have all of the reasons why you are the best candidate listed, as many employers only quickly browse your Resume. For each position you apply for, the cover letter should be unique and the cover letter should always accompany your Resume, being placed before the Resume.

Cover Letter Objectives

Cover letter

Your cover letter is your introduction. The objective of the cover letter is to make the employer set your application aside to be reviewed more thoroughly, which should eventually lead to an interview. Cover letters should not be full of fluff but rather with specific information that relates to the position you are hoping to fill. You do not want to be overzealous but you also do not want to blend in with the rest.

The cover letter is an optimal way to answer the questions that employers ask routinely and also to clear up anything in your Resume which may call for any concern. Your cover letter should address that you are the right person for the job, that you have the experience necessary and that you also offer the company additional skills such as being multilingual. You will also be able to explain any doubts that may arise from your Resume. For instance:

  • What was the reason for switching jobs frequently?
  • Why do you desire to work internationally?
  • Are you able to commit to long term contracts overseas?
  • If you have only worked for one company, will you be able to adjust to a new workplace?
  • Although you have experience in management, are you able to manage employees from a multicultural perspective?
  • There are many different types of computer languages, what is your specific experience with them?

The Layout of Cover Letters

Depending on the type of job seeking situation that you are in, there are different types of cover letter formats that are appropriate to use. Here are the 5 types of cover letter formats:

Cover letter layouts
  1. Standard cover letter
  2. Response to an advertisement
  3. Cold solicitation
  4. Networking
  5. Follow up/thank you letter

Many employers respect the fact that you have taken the time to handwrite a cover letter. Nevertheless, some people

Sample Cover Letter

Sample Cover Letter

Sample cover letter for a Marketing Manager position.